Keep Cool This Summer with Discover AES Batteries

Discover AES batteries with RUSH technology provides the current to start heavy, inductive loads like heat pumps and air conditioners.

  • 1C continuous charge and discharge (130A @ 48V)
  • 4X peak current handling (600A / 48V)

RUSH allows Discover’s lithium batteries scale to meet the demands of any project:

  • 2 batteries 260A continuous / 1,200A peak
  • 3 batteries 390A continuous / 1,800A peak

For whole home backup and off-grid systems, Discover AES is the only advanced battery that’s designed to handle currents draw as well as lead acid. For more information on product capabilities and features, visit

What is RUSH Technology?

Discover’s RUSH© technology enables Discover AES LiFePO4  batteries to handle the high charge and discharge current requirements common to industrial, telecom/UPS and solar applications.

Unlike the lead-acid batteries they’re designed to replace, most lithium batteries can only handle steady, low-current loads over long durations. They overload or restrict their output when they’re hit with inductive in-rush from inverters and demanding motor loads. RUSH© by Discover is the capability, unique to their BMS design, that allows their LiFePO4 batteries to handle the high current charge and discharge demands of off-grid homes and commercial facilities.

Discover AES LiFePO4 batteries are the only advanced storage batteries with 1C continuous charge and discharge capability and 4X peak current handling. When system designs call for multiple batteries, RUSH© ensures that the current-handling capabilities scale with your storage capacity: doubling with 2 batteries, tripling with 3, etc… Discover AES batteries with RUSH©  allow your customers to run the same loads they could with lead-acid while enjoying the advantages of an advanced lithium cell technology.

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About Discover Battery

With over 60 years of experience, Discover Battery is helping to accelerate a global power shift for a cleaner energy future. We offer world leading expertise for a range of applications, including: Renewable energy, Commercial purposes, Telecom systems, Mobility, UPS & emergency lighting

Being passionate about something doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be good at it. Conversely, being good at something isn’t always fuelled by passion. At Discover, not only are we passionate about solving difficult transportation, motive power and energy storage challenges but we are really good at it too, and probably not for the reasons anyone would think.

Discover Battery is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with 6 manufacturing facilities located in Europe, South Asia and Korea. We have other corporate and sales offices operating in several countries around the world.

Learn more about Discover Battery on their website.

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