Tech Q & A: SnapNrack Array Options

Q: How long of an array is allowed to be installed on SnapNrack 200 racking?

A: How long a SnapNrack Series 200 array is different for every project. The major design factors depend on site and environmental conditions at the location of the project. Sites with large variation in temperature and East/West slope will limit the total array length.

Q: Can you do SnapNrack 3 high landscape with 42″ modules?

A: One could use the 162″ standard rail lengths for installations of 42″ wide modules, with a three high landscape configuration. These rails would need to be cut to length, typically this would be 130″ to allow for mid and end clamps to be installed. SnapNrack does make special rail lengths, available upon request. These orders are made for larger orders for multiple full pallets of 112 rails. One longer rail length which is ordered with some frequency is a 170″ rail length that can accommodate four 42″ wide modules in landscape, and we do have some sub-distributors that may have standing stock of these rails. Please send us an inquiry if you have a small order, and we will try to find someone that has stock of these longer rail lengths.

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