Eliminate the Confusion of Solar Energy Bills

Demonstrate the value of solar by improving customer awareness around energy usage and behavior. Neurio consumption monitoring helps keep homeowners accountable for how increases in consumption can affect their solar payback. The solution measures home consumption and solar power generation in real-time, sending information to homeowners’ smartphones. A Neurio Installer account grants you instant access to customer real-time and historical energy data, empowering proactive after-sales service. Visit AEEExpress.com to place your order today for the Home Energy Monitor (029-11002) and Solar Expansion Kit (029-11006).

Insider Sales Tip:

Start with Consumption Monitoring…
Have a customer who’s not ready to go solar? Independent energy monitors allow you to enable consumption monitoring at any time. Neurio’s solution is a low-cost sales tool that can be used as a trial to engage your customers and get them thinking about cost savings. If the customer decides to go forward with a solar system, let them keep it. If not, simply uninstall the meter, reset, and use it on the next home.

Try the demo! Log into my.neur.io or download the Neurio Home app. Username: solar.demo@neur.io, Password: Neur10solar.

About Neurio

We’re a highly energetic and innovative team that has developed ground-breaking technology in the residential energy space. From industry leading metering technology to sophisticated analytics that provide granular energy information, we are changing how energy is used and managed in a home. With over 150,000 systems deployed, we ensure companies can complete in tomorrow energy revolution.

We believe in a world where homeowners can decide how they generate, use, sell and share energy with others. A world where we shift away from a centrally organised energy system to a system in which we all organise our own energy. Neurio is about enabling this new energy world by providing granular intelligent energy data in which we believe is the key building block to make the transition happen.

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