Job Account Credit Program

Apply for a Job Account to access the credit you need for a specific commercial project.

Why Apply for a Job Account?

  • Free up your cash flow or regular credit line for other projects.
  • Flexible terms depending on project.
  • No limit to project or system size.
  • A standard line of credit with AEE Solar is not required.

How Does it Work?

  1. Get a quote from your AEE Solar Sales Rep for the product you need for your commercial project.
  2. Complete the online application with your project information.
  3. Receive a line of credit from AEE Solar to cover the quoted product for your commercial project!

You can find the application in two different locations:

  • – From the homepage, hover over the “Resources” menu option and click on “Dealer Credit Applications”.
  • – Log into your account, then hover over the “My Account” menu option and click on “Account Balance”. The application link will be found on the right hand side next to the account balance information.

AEE Solar is here to help your company grow! Feel free to contact us with any questions about applying for a Job Account.

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