Receiving Freight Process

Freight claims can be a nightmare! Here are some helpful tips for receiving freight to better prepare you for a potential claim.

When a freight shipment arrives, check the following BEFORE signing for the

  • Damage to corners of the packaging
  • Punctures in the packaging
  • Damage to the pallets
  • Correct number of items included in shipment

If you see anything wrong with your shipment, take pictures of the damage. If there
is damage to the pallets, take a picture of it as it is coming off the truck to show the
damage occurred during shipping.

Reference any damage you see on the delivery receipt:

  • Notate damaged item(s) with specific quantities on the delivery receipt.
    Be very specific!
  • Avoid referencing “hidden” or “possible” damage and do not write
    “Subject to Inspection” on the delivery receipt.
  • For concealed damage that is not discovered at the time of delivery,
    notify AEE Solar Customer Service ASAP.
  • Include mention of any missing items. Don’t sign for something you don’t

Freight truck drivers are allowed to wait up to 45 minutes per delivery so don’t feel
pressured to rush through your inspection of the shipment. Receipt of the shipment
without written notice of damage is prima facie evidence that the shipment was
delivered in good condition.

Contact AEE Solar Customer Service about any damage within 24 hours of receiving
the shipment. The sooner you report the damage, the better chance we have of
winning a freight damage claim.

If you submit a claim, remember that all packaging and contents must be retained
and available for inspection by the carrier until the claim is resolved.

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