Tech Q & A: All About OutBack Power

Q: Does Outback Power publish max array size numbers for the FM100 for 24 and 48 volt systems?
A: 3000 W for 24 volt systems, and 6000 W for 48 volt systems. That is if the ambient temperature is 25°C or less. At warmer temperatures it will derate.

Q: Skybox – is this really a DC-coupled or AC-coupled solution? The Radian does this exact same setup in a DC-coupled configuration.
A: DC coupled, higher voltage than the charge controls that need to be used with the Radian. The PV input is built into the inverter, not in separate charge controls. They may make it capable of AC coupling also in the future.

Q: Would you say the Outback Power Skybox is the best solution for customers wanting solar grid-tied now, with the option to add battery backup at a future date?
A: The Skybox or the StorEdge inverter are the choices; It will depend on details which one is best for any specific job. The StorEdge and LG combo will usually be less expensive and more efficient for grid tie. The SkyBox will use a wide variety and sizes of 48 volt batteries, and has generator input.

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