Tech Q & A: AC & DC Coupling

Q: What are good PV inverters to AC couple?

A: There are lots of good options out there.  It’s important to inquire directly with your PV inverter manufacturer during the design stage.  The Fronius IG line, for instance, has been known to cause issues due to the way it detects the grid. At some point though, most of the major manufacturers have had a workable solution.

Most of the battery-inverter manufacturers will have guidelines or limits on the sizing of DC to AC, and that may impact which PV inverter brands can be used. Outback Power has recently updated their AC-Coupling capabilities with new firmware for the GS line and AC Coupling kits which are available on Express.

Q: SolarEdge DC coupling uses high voltage so does it have a low voltage wiring cost issue?

A: Wiring costs with SolarEdge are much lower than those of more traditional battery inverter manufacturers, as the current is much higher between the optimizer and inverter (~350 VDC) than the equivalent run between a charge controller and typical battery inverter (150-300 VDC).

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