What is SMA ShadeFix Optimization and What are the Benefits?

SMA ShadeFix optimization is a proprietary, integrated inverter technology that optimizes PV system energy production in almost every situation – even when shading occurs. It is automatically included with every Sunny Boy and Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverter. Systems with SMA ShadeFix optimization benefit from less heat and stress, which produces more energy on an annual basis than traditional optimizers.

Traditional optimizers have more components and produce more heat in the harsh rooftop environment, while systems with ShadeFix operate more efficiently because optimization happens at the inverter. With SMA, very few components are needed on the roof to achieve greater system reliability and NEC 2017 compliance.

You can think of optimization methods like a four-wheel drive vehicle versus a two-wheel drive vehicle. Traditional optimizers are working all the time, like driving a full time 4WD vehicle through the city – it just doesn’t make sense. Traditional optimizers consume power unnecessarily, place additional stress on components and increase the likelihood of component failure.

On the other hand, SMA ShadeFix optimization works smarter, not harder. SunSpec certified rapid shutdown devices don’t consume unnecessary power, place less stress on components, decrease the likelihood of component failure and reduce service risk. It’s like driving a 2WD vehicle through the city, it just makes more sense.

To learn more about SMA ShadeFix optimization and download the white paper, click here!

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