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Fronius Primo Inverter

The Primo 10.0-1 inverter is phased out for AEE. Supply chain constraints at Fronius have caused them to suspend production of the Fronius Primo 10.0-1 inverter that has the pre-installed Datamanager 2.0 Card. AEE has decided not to carry the ‘LITE’ version, which they have offered to ship WITHOUT the monitoring cards, thus it is PHASED OUT in AEE Distribution.
While we value Fronius as a supplier, we felt that ordering the LITE version would subject us to risks, as it was not known when the full featured Fronius Primo 10.0-1 inverters would again become available. Also, once the supply chain resolves itself, there is a good change that Fronius will release its long anticipated and delayed FRONIUS PRIMO GEN 24 INVERTERS into the USA. Ordering Fronius Primo ‘LITE’ Inverters now that do not have the factory installed Datamanager 2.0 Card installed leaves AEE Solar open to much risk of stocking products that may not be in demand once supply chains are restored. As a result, we have chosen to wait a bit to see if the supply chain will resolve itself before placing orders for more Fronius Primo inverters. 
We do have about 6x remaining Fronius Primo 11.4-1 inverters that are in stock, and ready to ship. These are just about the same price as the Primo 10.0-1, and can easily be used as a substitute.We hope that Fronius resolves its supply chain issues soon, and we can again fully stock the full line of Fronius Primo inverters, or the new Fronius Primo Gen 24 inverters.
030-08529     FRONIUS, 4,210,076,800, PRIMO 11.4-1, NON-ISOLATED STRING INVERTER, 11.4kW, 240/208 VAC

We also do have a reasonable stock of SMA SB5.0-41 inverters, where two of them could likely be used here for this application.030-02986     SMA, SB5.0-1SP-US-41, NON-ISOLATED STRING INVERTER, 5000W, 208/240 VAC, THREE MPPT CIRCUITS, SPSIt appears that this solution could have about a $325 savings over the use of the Primo 11.4-1 inverter, however, this would not be a direct substitution, as the stringing likely would change, and you would need the wall space to install two inverters, instead of a single one with the Fronius Primo 10.0-1 or the Primo 11.4-1.

REF: Fronius Primo Datasheet

REF: Fronius Primo GEN24

REF: Fronius GEN24 Wins Energy Storage Inspection 2022 Award in Europe

REF: SMA Sunny Boy SB-41 Datasheet

Written by: Glenn Hall, AEE Solar Sr. Applications Engineer

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