3.8kW PV Array Installed on Flat Low Pitch Roof with SNR 4-Hole Base Plate Mounts & CHEM LINK E-Curbs

with SNR 4-Hole Base Plate Mounts and CHEM LINK E-Curbs

This install in Sacramento CA consisted of 11x Trina 360W all black 60-cell solar modules, for a total installed DC Array of 3.96 kW. The inverter used was a SolarEdge SE3000H HD Wave Inverters, and P401 optimizers. Excellent exposure to the sun should greatly benefit this customer, who was paying high PGE (Pacific Gas and Electric) utility bills.

On this low slope composition roof, special attention was needed to seal and weatherproof the roof penetrations. This team utilized the SnapNrack 4-Hole Bases with 7” Ultra Rail Standoffs to elevate the array off the roof surface and allow for good airflow under the solar array. ChemLink E-Curbs were utilized to seal all the penetrations for a 20 yr. warrantied and worry free install.

E-Curb penetration seals replace old-style metal pitch pans with versatile, precast components and 1-Part polyether pourable sealants. CHEM LINK’s E-Curb System can be installed in under 15 minutes and does not require additional flashings – thus a vast improvement over traditional pitch pans. E-Curbs are approved for use on granulated modified bitumen, asphalt and coal tar B.U.R. (built up roofing), as well as for PVC, EPDM, PIB, and TPO single ply roofing membranes. E-Curbs are highly versatile for sealing penetrations around solar panel mounts, HVAC, Electrical, and any type of structural supports. Note: An additional TPO Primer is required for use with TPO single-ply roof membrane.

Written by: Glenn Hall, AEE Sr. Applications Engineer

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