What’s New in the 2018 Design Guide & Catalog?

2018-catalog-coverThe 2018 AEE Solar Design Guide & Catalog was released this past January, the 37th edition of a catalog that tells the story of the solar industry and how we got to where we are today. While much has remained the same since the 2017 edition, there have been some notable changes and updates to mark the new year.

First off, you might notice a couple of sections missing this year: Water Pumping, Wind Power, and EV Charging. In our effort to provide you with the best service and product offering, we’ve decided to cut loose these three sections to better focus our efforts (and warehouse space) on the key products our dealers need.

In the Modules section, we made a few strategic additions and one main subtraction.We’ve removed Solarworld modules from the portfolio but are excited to welcome Mission Solar and LONGi Solar into the fold. Mission Solar modules are manufactured in Texas and we’re currently stocking their 295W black-on-black monocrystalline panel. LONGi Solar is another high-quality, low-cost option for mono panels. You can read more about them in a previous blog post.

The biggest change you’ll see in the Mounting Systems section is the addition of new SnapNrack products. We’re very excited about their new Rail-Less, Tile Replacement, and Ultra Rail. You’ll also notice that DPW has officially changed their name to Preformed Line Products, so you’ll see that new name mentioned throughout the section.

A new section was created this year for Hybrid Inverters, since we’ve seen more and more of these lately. The two we currently have in the catalog are the SolarEdge StorEdge and the SMA Sunny Storage. In the Grid-tied Inverters section, we don’t see any new players, but of new products such as the Enphase Energy IQ6/IQ6+, SolarEdge P370 Dual Optimizer, SMA Core1 commercial inverters, and the new ABB UNO-DM series of inverters.

If you haven’t received your copy of the 2018 Design Guide & Catalog or would like to download the pdf, simply visit our website.

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