NEW! OutBack Power FLEXmax 100 AFCI

OutBack Power has upgraded their 100A charge controller to now include integrated arc fault circuit detection and interruption (AFCI), making it completely compliant with 2017 NEC 690. 

FLEXmax 100 AFCI Charge Controller Features:

  • Highest combination of voltage input and power output for a 100A charge controller 
  • No fused combiners, smaller gauge wire and integrated GFDI and fast self-discharge circuitry
  • Environmentally-sealed outdoor-rated IP54/Type 3R enclosure
  • FM100AFCI Datasheet

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About OutBack Power

Founded in 2001, OutBack initially designed and manufactured integration hardware used by solar installers to house and protect power electronics installed in remote environments and harsh condition locations around the world. Soon the company launched an advanced line of rugged inverter products that deliver pure sine wave power for off-grid residential and commercial installations, ultimately expanding its offering to include off-grid inverters with battery backup, grid-tie inverters with battery backup, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers, communications products and a complete line of OutBack EnergyCell batteries designed specifically for renewable energy applications.

17 years later, OutBack Power continues to lead the way with advanced off-grid and grid-interactive battery-based renewable energy systems, the fully UL 1741 SA listed Radian Series and FXR Series inverter/chargers and our SystemEdge packages that bundle the right combination of energy storage and power electronics, merging energy independence with smart home technology for a range of common applications.

OutBack is also a member of The Alpha Group — a global alliance of independent companies that share a common philosophy of creating world-class powering solutions for renewable energy, communication, commercial and industrial markets. 

Learn more about OutBack Power on their website.

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